Piercing Aftercare

*Wash piercing 2-3 times per day with an unscented antibacterial hand soap using q-tips or clean hands. Rinse all soap from the piercing when through.

*Soak piercing in sea salt solution (see below for ingredients) for 5-10 minutes once or more per day. You can use cotton balls but for the most effective use, soak directly in the water.

*Rinse all salt from the piercing following sea salt soaks.


Oral Piercings

*Rinse your mouth no more than 5 times a day with an alcohol-free mouthwash.

*Rinse mouth after snacks and smoking with bottled water.

*Rinsing with both the mouthwash and the sea salt solution will help accelerate the healing process.

*Sucking on ice cubes will help keep the swelling down.

*Avoid spicy or salty foods as well as caffinated and alcoholic beverages for the first week.

*If you have a cheek or lip piercing, make sure to clean both the inside of your mouth and the outside.


Also remember...

*Never ever touch the piercing unless your hands are clean!

*Ibuprofen or motrin can be taken to help reduce swelling.

*With facial piercings, change pillow cases often during healing period and try to sleep elevated.

*Pat piercings dry with a paper towel. Never use a washcloth or a cloth towel.

*Keep make up and harsh facial cleansers away from new piercings.

*Never use hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or neosporin.

*Do not rotate the jewelry or play with it during the healing period.


Sea Salt Solution

1/4 Teaspoon Sea Salt mixed with 8oz. warm water

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