Tattoo Aftercare

*Wash tattoo twice a day with an unscented antibacterial hand soap


*You can use A&D or Aquaphor for the first two days. Use a very small amount and rub it in like lotion. It should not look greasy or shiny after applying.


*Use an unscented lotion 3 times daily during the healing process.


*Neosporin can cause clog pores and discoloration of the tattoo.


*Do not pick at scabs or scratch tattoo.


*Do not submerge your tattoo in water for at least 2 weeks. ie: Baths, oceans, hot tubs, swimming pools etc...


*Peeling, scabbing and a shiny appearance on your tattoo is NORMAL!


*Do not expose your tattoo to natural or artificial sunlight.

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